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Caroline Kerfoot Author Illustrator

Hi, I'm Caroline Kerfoot (née Cavanaugh) and this is my dog Foxy!

One day while we were out on a walk, Foxy discovered a turtle who quickly hid in his shell. This fateful encounter sparked my imagination and eventually turned into the story 'Hi, I'm Fox!'.














Above, the moment Foxy met her new turtle friend and an illustration from the book.


I have a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art as well as a MA in Management from
Universidade Catolica Portuguesa, in Porto, Portugal.  I've had the privilege to live and work as a creative professional in Austria, Germany, Portugal, England, New York City and in 2017, happily returned to Michigan to be with my family and marry my favorite person in the world, my husband John.

I'm an advocate for animal welfare and volunteer with Michigan Animal Rescue League as well as children's arts education through Dare2B, a wonderful organization based in New York City.  

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Based in MIchigan, USA


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